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Waffle Shop

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85th Waffle Shop - November 18-21, 2014, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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What is Waffle Shop?

Christ Church has provided a grand celebration of community in downtown Dayton while raising money for programs that serve the greater Dayton area as well as our church. Every fall we open our doors four consecutive days to workers and visitors in the downtown area to serve lunch. Naturally, delicious made from scratch waffles with sausages are on the menu, which also includes soups, sandwiches, salad, desserts, and drinks—all at reasonable prices. Over the years the Waffle Shop has grown significantly. In addition to the eat-in and carryout dining, the Waffle Shop includes a Craft Bazaar, Bake Sale, Elsie’s Attic and a raffle. Since 1929, Waffle Shop has been the most successful fund raising event within Christ Church. Typically, up to 75% of the profits are invested in charities and activities outside of the parish and the rest is spent on special projects within the Church.

Each fall, I am reminded of the collection of thank you notes sent to church; notes received at the wind-down of last year’s Waffle Shop activities. Most people never get a chance to read the sincere thanks offered in those thank you notes. Click here more thank you notes.

Waffle Shop Factoids

  • The Precursor to Waffle Shop started in the early 1900s, an Annual Lunch, then later Dinner, and a Bazaar, mainly for the parishioners. A full turkey dinner was $1.00 in 1906.
  • The first Waffle Shop was started in 1929 by one of 8 women’s guilds/societies, the Parochial Society, and served 1635 customers in 12 days making $290.40.
  • Waffle Shop is one of the oldest and continuous holiday charitable events in Dayton. 
  • It takes approximately 100 workers per day to serve the community, with another 100 providing behind the scenes assistance during the four days with donations of baked goods, bazaar items, and volunteer secretarial assistance,
  • It is the annual fundraising event held by parishioners at Christ Church. Homemade hot-off-the-griddle waffles, sausage, and other food options are served in the dining room. There is also a Bazaar with departments usually including Gifts, Baked Goods, White Elephant items, Books, and a Raffle.
  • Words describing the Waffle Shop experience: “A grand tradition; An institution; Hospitality, Fellowship, and Fun; Good food at reasonable prices in a happy place; Kickoff for the holiday season; Christmas shopping; Come hungry, leave happy; Urban ministry; A social event; Camaraderie of parishioners; Supporting good causes; Homemade food and baked goods; ‘An eating and fellowship event of real merit,’ (1942 Bulletin); “A three day waffle orgy for ravenous waffle wolfers” (Elizabeth Chatfield, Dayton Daily News); A great community builder; A place to meet one’s friends; ‘Your first trial is our best advertising’ (early Bulletin).
  • The largest number of customers for one day was 751, for a noon and evening meal in 1959.
  • The decade with the largest attendance was the 1950s when 26,668 meals were served.
  • The largest number of customers for one meal was 690 in 1987.
  • Publicity about Waffle Shop has appeared on the Society and other pages of the Dayton Daily News, The Journal Herald, and The Downtowner. Columnists who have written about Waffle Shop include: Roz Young, Marj Heyduck, Jean Kappell, Linda Heffley, Benjamin Kline, Jim Nichols, Ruth Williams Birch, Millie Bingham, Helen Bebbington, and Dale Huffman.
  • Food ordered for four days in the 1980s (a sample): 77 gallons of 2% milk, 90 dozen eggs, 600 lbs sausage; 16 gallons maple syrup; 12 gallons salad oil; 15 lbs baking powder; 6 lbs salt; 100 lbs sugar; and 200 lbs flour.
  • A total of at least 140,000 meals have been served during the 75 years.
  • Approximate total funds received for 75 years in the dining room are $243,196.50.
  • Approximate total funds received, including the Bazaar, over all years are 403,690.66.
  • Costs for a waffle, sausage, and coffee started at $.25 in 1929 and in 2003 was $5.00. (Not adjusted for cost of living!)
  • 50% of the proceeds provide outreach to community and world organizations. Here is a sample of agencies receivingfunds: Leper Patients’ Project, Migrants’ Fund; Church Army, Children’s Hospitals in Dayton and Cincinnati; Seaman’s Institute; Chaplaincy Service; Dayton City Mission; Pastoral Counseling Center, Dayton Boys’ Club; Campus Ministry; Stillwater Hospital; Hospice of Dayton; Building Bridges; YWCA Battered Women Project; Emergency Resource Bank, SCAN (Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect); Salvation Army; The Other Place; House of Bread, CROP Sewing Machine Project, Born Free at Miami Valley Hospital; Church World Service (Liberia Relief); St. Vincent’s Hotel, and AIDS Foundation; Kairos Prison Ministry, Doris Miller Sinclair Scholarship "Education for Interpreters for the Deaf", and others.
  • 50% of the proceeds are used within the church to facilitate optimum use of the facilities. Examples are: helping fund a handicapped-accessible bathroom; chairs for parish hall renovation; church school refurbishment; ventilation equipment for kitchen, redecorating the Ladies’ Restroom/Lounge; carpet for upstairs, Great Window Protective Covering and Parish Health Ministry.